Dispatch from Ethiopia: Q to the Quality


It’s a hard knock life being a coffee geek. Little sleep and always on the verge of discovering THE best coffee blend. Our roasters palace is Moyee’s Coffee Lab in Addis Ababa. Stepping in you’ll feel like 007 in Q’s gadget space. Funky features all around to determine moisture and weight and a micro roaster that pops coffee beans. The high tech and science help us a lot, but grading our baby beans comes down to pure expertise. Our master roasters cup samples of every region: Limu, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe and so on. And they get graded through a very complex system on looks, smell and taste. Maximum score is 100 and we don’t take less then 80! Only those straight A beans are fit for your cup of coffee. Because it all comes down to quality!


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