Does FairChain Coffee Soap = Radical Innovation?


No, it’s not in our business plan. And no, we’re not secretly plotting BodyShop 2.0. The thing is, Guido’s mother was inspired by a retro infocommercial about high-end soap and, well, got all soapy on us. She sent us a text: ‘#CoffeeSoap next big thing’. And before we could answer #What? she had invented the world’s first FairChain soap made from Ethiopian coffee beans.

Forget Silicon Valley community platforms, forget driverless cars and space tourism — ladies & gents, we bring you soap!

But now the big question is: how to distribute this highly artisinal stuff? First 50 Moyee subscriptions a free bar? Sell the stuff online and create a FairChain empire? Distribute it to Amsterdam’s homeless (though we fear an explosive secondary trade on the black market!). FairChain fans, lend us your thoughts at He’ll pass on all ideas to his mum.


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