Drinking Coffee @Eindhoven-Utrecht


Eindhoven-Utrecht is the latest awesome concept shot to arise in concept happy Holland. Who can we thank for all this inspiration? The Design Academy Eindhoven, one of the world’s most authoritative design institutes. No surprises then that Eindhoven is the inspiration behind the new Utrecht concept shop creatively named Eindhoven-Utrecht. Not just a meeting spot between young designers and buyers, curators and creators – they have an in-house 3D printer – but also a social hotspot where you can drink radically good coffee. We shared a cup with Eindhoven-Utrecht founder Heinz Schiller and had a chat.


Q: The Design Academy Eindhoven is a global label for great Dutch design. Why didn’t anyone think of a shop like this before?


A: Great question but difficult to answer. I guess it is because the Academy is focused primarily on the development of the individual student and not on his or her commercial success.


Q: What do you guys do differently from other concept shops?


A: Our focus is on the work of young self-producing designers who have not yet found a market or have customers familiar with their work… and want to buy it! Secondly, we want to make a statement – a statement best articulated by Paola Antonelli (note: senior curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): “Design is not about people buying cute chairs, but people thinking and living in a different way.”

Q: Your shop has a great name. Is there a secret meaning to Eindhoven-Utrecht?


A: Not really. We chose the name because EINDHOVEN is considered by most to be the design capital of the Netherlands and our store happens to be in Utrecht, the center of the country!


Q: You have an in-house 3D printer. What’s the most interesting thing that’s come out of it so far?


A: Maybe ‘the caterpillar’, a prototype for a small gadget that winds up your earphone cords and keeps them from getting tangled.


Q: Next time we come visit your shop, what else should we see while in Utrecht?


A: Visit the Voorstraat where you’ll find some nice stores like Puha, Spring and The Village. And check out the brand-new new pop temple Tivoli-Vredenburg. And after visiting our shop and you feel the urge to visit the city of Eindhoven, then be sure to stop by Strijp S and Sectie C and meet some of the designers we represent in our store.


Q: You guys drink Moyee, which is awesome. What turned you on to our radically good coffee?


A: The idea for radical change is what triggered us. And, important enough, Moyee really tastes great!


Q: So here’s the big question: if you could renovate our Moyee HQ, what five must-have objects from your shop would you choose?


A: We would love to renovate your HQ, just say when! Five objects? That’s, uhm, difficult. But we’d start with the Bowling table by Daan Spanjers. Then the Herenkast by Paul Heijnen and the Slate Buffet by Stephan Siepermann. Some lightning perhaps – the Copper Lamp by Steven Banken. And then to display the great Moyee coffee the Vakwerkenkast by Mieke Meijer.


Visit Eindhoven-Utrecht at:

Oudegracht 10, 3511 AM Utrecht

tel: +31(0)30-8776383



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