Fairtrade 2.0 College Tour

Fairtrade 2.0


Fairtrade 2.0 students

No matter how you take it – frothy vanilla latte, caramel macchiato or a plain ‘ol dark roast brew – coffee is a liquid luxury. Don’t think so? Ask seven West Virginia University students and a geography professor who witnessed firsthand how a coffee-farming community operates in Nicaragua. These students are hipper than hip. They’re onto something. You want in? Well alright. They call themselves Fair Trade 2.0. As the name suggests, these trailblazing pioneers want to bring the fair trade social movement back to its roots by hitting re-boot and starting over with fair trade. ‘Cos some things are too good to give up on. To read more – and we recommend you do – just click here.  Joshua Morshead

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