Pouring It @ Amsterdam’s Food Film Festival

MC called the attention

Once a year Holland’s foodie geeks and freaks journey to Amsterdam for the Food Film Festival. It’s a fun-loving event that combines the emotion of eating great food with the powerful stories of how great food is made. This year, despite the rather bad Dutch weather, the event attracted thousands of visitors with a strong line-up of food films, workshops and passionate debates about the future of food with serious food experts – including a talk with Joel Salatin, the man Time magazine calls “America’s most innovative farmer.”

Which is to say, even if we weren’t pouring our coffee there, this was a place Moyee had to be. As it turns out, we were the ones pouring the coffee. And for three radically fun days we hung out with ideologically driven brands and the people who buy them. We ate rainbow popcorn by John Altman, licked 3D-printed icepops by MELT, drank Oedipus beer and – seriously – chomped on the best Giro ever made by man, courtesy of Vleesch Noch Visch!

Organized by the Youth Food Movement, the Food Film Festival still has something of a small-town farmer’s market feel to it, but it’s a market filled with passionate creatives and well-spoken filmmakers. For conscious eaters of delicious and uncompromised food, we have a name for a place like this: Paradise.


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