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Letter from Brooklyn: 5 Reasons I’m switching to Cold Brew 

I’m not coffee aficionado, but I am a sincere and devoted New York City coffee enthusiast. Like most, I have at one point or another seriously questioned whether life is really worth living without a great cup of coffee. To make matters worst, I live in Brooklyn, which means that every seasonal farm-to-table philosophy on the planet passes through my neighbourhood. Right now I am in the process of switching from red wine to white, for example. And this year, for the first time, I am swapping my double espresso for a cold brew. Because if there is one beverage every New Yorker (excuse me, Brooklynite) is contemplating as the weather warms up, it’s cold brew.

Cold brew has many advantages, and most cold brewers like to name most of them somewhere on their bottles. A pretty typical cold brew bottle label reads something like this (I paraphrase): cold brewing is a process where a special blend of freshly roasted coffee, ground chicory and spices are steeped in water overnight. The grounds then get extracted using a two-step filtration process. The result is a bold, super-smooth concentrate that can be served over ice – or not, if your goal is to drink a super-strong shot that shocks your system into function.

Basically, if you take the bottle copy seriously, cold brew has three great advantages: 1. Cold brew doesn’t have the slightly burnt taste of coffee; 2. it makes you less jittery; and 3. It’s ultra convenient. Fair enough, but here are a few more advantages derived entirely from my own personal experience with cold brew, in no particular order.

Why I am Switching to Cold Brew

1. It makes me (and you) feel cool.

Cold brew feels nice and cool in your hand, like, say, a Coca-Cola, but for adults.

2. It feels good to say aloud.

“I’d like a cold brew” just sounds a whole lot more interesting these days than “I’d like a soy latte.”

3. It makes you feel tough.

When sipping a cold brew, it’s very easy to imagine you’re drinking a straight shot of whiskey in the middle of the day. (Whisky, I might add, goes great with cold brew.)

4. It’s a social drink. When you drink cold brew, you instantly bond with other cold brew drinkers, almost like you belong to a secret society where you crack jokes about your caffeine habits as if you were hardened drug fiends.

5. It actually saves time. Cold brew’s addictive nature makes you take lots of little breaks throughout the day, which makes work more fun. And you save lots of time pulling a cold brew out of the fridge instead of trotting out to the coffee place on the corner. Plus, it’s an excellent way to save energy, because you don’t have to fire up complicated coffee machines or heat up water.

So take it from me, friends, cold brew season is nearly upon us, let’s chill out together.

Author: Johanna Lenander

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