It’s Christmas Time in the City…Huh, Wha!? Christmas?


Recovering from your Christmas hangover (let’s not even talk New Year’s Eve)? Still sweeping the last lost pine needles from the floor? Well down here in Ethiopia we’ve just started decorating the Christmas tree. That’s because Christmas here is celebrated at the beginning of January. So while you battle the European cold or Australian heat, the big Moyee family will be doing the Family & Food thing, which in Addis means picking up a live chicken, lamb or even a bull and — well — you can fill in the rest. But there’s Ethiopian Christmas tradition that truly outrocks all others — the super holy Coffee Ceremony! Picture this: a bit of green grass spread across the floor, a side order of popcorn and a deep dark cup of Ethiopia’s finest buna – that’s coffee, to you and you and you.

Happy Christmas, Ethiopian time!

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