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Kung Fu Coffee

Kung Fu Coffee

Every year during mid-October we head to Eindhoven, that unlikely mecca of provocative design, for the annual Dutch Design Week. We go to be inspired. This year while roaming the halls of the ginormous ‘Witte dame’ building — former factory now home do the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven — we not only discovered the world’s smallest sauna, a new Game of Thrones throne and Wear  Your Hair underwear, we also ran into Joris Petterson’s barista-on-the-go prototype (pictured below) and a must-have for every true coffee geek: Yingyi Luo’s Kung Fu Coffee table (pictured above). Basically, Luo transforms the traditional Chinese tea ritual into a coffee ritual. As she says, ‘Kung Fu’ means ‘full dedication’. The table is full integrated from bean to cup. There’s even a sleekly integrated drawer to discard used coffee grounds. We like!

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