Chateau Moyee Rocks The Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Bart ACF 1.1

What a weekend it was! No sleep whatsoever, much to drinks (coffee n beer) and many, many friends. A big compliment to our competitors with whom we stand strong in our fight for better coffee.

There was a lot of coffee, sure, and maybe a touch too many coffee geeks

Sorry for the sirene on our firetruck and not taking everything that serious. #Street Fighter2 #Mario Kart64. We couldnt help ourselves…

Chateau Moyee

At the festival we introduced our very first Chateau Moyee; a crazy high quality light roast specialty coffee. This was the Yirgacheffe Dumerso with a cupping score of a wobbling 91,3! When put in a cappuccino it’ll taste like a strawberry milkshake!

Every two or three months we will be launching a different specialty coffee, all from Ethiopia, all above a cupping score of 90… It is crazy but true…

Stay tuned, because really soon you will be able to order it yourself!

Another jpg Anthology


Big thanx to our friends from de MelkSalon, TwoChefs beer and SanRemo.



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