radical coffee

Moyee is a coffee company. Growing radically good coffee is what we do. Roasting this radically good coffee in the country of origin how we do it. Sharing the value of this radically good coffee fairly and honestly with the men and women that grow it is why we exist.

We are a coffee company, but we feel that we are more than that because our cause is much bigger than coffee alone. Our goal isn’t just radically good coffee, but also radical social change. And because coffee is one of the world’s most popular products, coffee is a great place to start. Especially coffee — because the way we grow, roast and distribute coffee is totally unfair. The coffee chain is broken, and it’s been broken for a long time. But instead of complain about it, we aim to fix it.

This is what we mean with your tagline radically good coffee. Radically good in the sense that we offer barista-quality coffee at a very reasonable price. Seriously, our coffee is frickin’ awesome. But also radically good in positive impact on the coffee chain. We call our philosophy FairChain, which basically means we roast our coffee in the countries that grow our coffee. Sounds trivial maybe, but by doing our farmers earn 300% more than simply exporting green beans to the West. And they earn at twice as much as Fairtrade, though we are pushing for more. Want to know more about FairChain? A lot more? Just click here.