Saturday Morning Pop-In @ Amsterdam’s De Nieuwe Poort

Moyee Nieuwe Poort (8 van 18)_2

We’re no strangers to hangouts, hotspots and creative hubs. It’s usually where we get most of our work done (who spends all day in an office anymore, anyway?). So it makes complete sense that we’re on a mission to transform all of our favourite hubs into Moyee-serving oases. This weekend we did just that by ‘converting’ De Nieuwe Poort, that entrepreneurial hotspot in Amsterdam’s booming Zuidas, into a FairChain follower. Dropping off a few enormous bags of FairChain beans didn’t seem celebratory enough — so we brought along Bart our go-to barista and offered up a masterclass in FairChain gusto.

Join the FairChain revolution. You’re still early enough to call yourself a FairChain pioneer.

More on De Nieuwe Poort here.

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