The Flavor Of Fair

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Nicolás Boullosa is a curious man. He is the founder of Faircompanies in Barcelona, and he questions, analyzes and probes the way the world ticks in search of answers to some of the biggest problems facing the world today. He’s the kind of guy who will stare into his cup of coffee for hours, pondering questions like: What does a ‘fair’ social movement look like? How does it taste? How SHOULD it taste?’
The FairChain community salutes these heroes, and shares the same concerns. Indeed, if a cup of fair trade coffee tasted so good just a decade ago when it was still being produced through a small but passionate grass-roots social movement bringing economic justice to coffee farmers, why does that same brew have a nasty bitter after-taste today when it is is being sold to you by the biggest names in coffee? After all, if more than 150 million pounds of Fair Trade Certified coffee have been sold since the fair trade label was introduced to the US, that’s got to be a good thing, right? ….er, right?? Joshua Morshead

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