Our Ethiopian Freshness Test!


Hi there,

We are often asked how we keep our coffee fresh after roasting, especially when we’re shipping roasted beans from Ethiopia to Europe and the rest of the world. Good question, astute students! And while we continue to consult and converse with the world’s best packaging companies, we’re also not above some good ole’ hands-on grassroots experimentation. 

This week we began yet another, which we’d like to share with you.

For the next four weeks we are travelling across Addis Ababa (capital Ethiopia, for those who haven’t yet made the pilgrimage to our roaster) with bags of beans in transport vehicles. Each transport will experiment with a different condition: air temperature, refrigerated containers and overheated. We replicate each experiment in all three conditions and then grind and cup the beans to score the differences in taste.

We’ll share the results with our packaging guys so they can offer hyper-tailored shipping options. The goal of course being to deliver the freshest possible roast to you, from Ethiopia, with love.

Naturally, we’ll share the results of this experiment when the results are in. Deal?

Ciaaaaaooooooo :)


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