We don’t need George Clooney, we have you!


We’ve never done this before, but when we heard about ThunderClap we said — this is for us! ThunderClap invites friends and friends of friends to lend their social networks for a day. It’s a brilliantly simple idea — ask our community to pitch in just by posting a message on their Facebook page or Twitter. As we here at Moyee like to say: “We don’t need George Clooney, we have you!” Please don’t prove us wrong!

So here’s how you can help. Click here and follow instructions — seriously, it takes like 10 seconds. We’ve even written a message for you, though feel free to write your own.

What we like about ThunderClap is that it plays into our founding principle of Crowdspeak — we’d rather spend our money on our coffee farmers and great coffee than on advertising. It’s a conscious choice, but to make it work with need a committed community. ThunderClap is one of the ways we’re living up to this ideal!

And if you’re hyperlinks aren’t working, just cut and paste this URL:


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