The World’s First FairChain Coffee Now Officially Official



It took a couple of years and some change, but on Friday, June 26 it became official: the world’s first cups of FairChain coffee will be poured in The Netherlands. To accompany the launch, Moyee Coffee, the radical Dutch coffee brand behind the FairChain movement, organized a unique daylong celebration full of hackathons, barista battles and a ‘roast’ with one of Holland’s most provocative business leaders.

“We’re celebrating a beginning, not the end,” says Moyee Coffee founder Guido van Staveren van Dijk. “We’ve spent the last few years setting up the FairChain infrastructure in Ethiopia, now we’re ready to export our FairChain coffee to the masses.”

To the masses – we here at Moyee Coffee have never been quiet about its ambitions or the positive impact FairChain could have on the global coffee industry. Van Staveren van Dijk: “As the world’s second most traded commodity, coffee is a positive weapon. Tiny positive shifts in the global chain have radical social impact. But for FairChain to truly be revolutionary, we need millions of FairChain coffee drinkers.”


First Roast Party

Moyee is launching its first batch of FairChain coffee with its typical aplomb. During the day the brand has organized two hackathons. The first, called ‘F*ck the Middleman’, brings together business leaders like Ahold, TNT, Jumbo, Google and SNS with disruptors like Peerby and TringTring and in a four-hour session. The second, called ‘The Real Farmville’, focuses on deforestation and profitable and sustainable farming in Ethiopia. Both hackathons are designed to produce binding strategies for Moyee’s future.

We’re celebrating a beginning, not the end

In the evening Moyee plans to ‘roast’ one of its investors, namely the former ABN Amro top man Rijkman Groenink. In the spirit of ‘radical transparency,’ the pro-social brand says it has nothing to hide. During an hour-long interview by journalist Ebele Wybenga, Groenink will talk about impact investing in Ethiopia and how business leaders can contribute to pro-social brands. In College Tour style, Moyee has invited its community to submit questions to its most controversial investor.

Van Staveren van Dijk: “Like him or hate him, Groenink is one of a handful of investors who are opting ‘all-in’ on the success of FairChain. It’s a ‘motley crew’ of ideologues and capitalists, creatives and social do-goodniks. We are a brand that provokes, putting Groenink on the stand furthers the FairChain discussion beyond just another cute niche coffee brand.”


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A word from our sponsors

Helping make Moyee’s First Roast Party possible are a handful of sponsors donating their products or expertise, including: – Brandt&Levie, Soupalicous, Melksalon / Foodcabinet, Bier&Co en Budvar, Grapedistrict, Koekebacker, Espresso Express / San Remo, Bonativo, Kromkommer, InkStrategy.


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