We ‘Solve’ the Dutch Black Pete Debate with our Limited-Edition 100% Black Sint Coffee

zwarte klaas def

zwarte klaas def

Last year we parodied Apple’s iconic The Crazy Ones ad with whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. This year the radical Dutch coffee brand offers an unorthodox twist to Holland’s Black Pete debate – forget all those Black Petes, introduce a 100% Black Sinterklaas. The result, 100% Zwarte Sint, our brand-new radical roast for the holidays.

100% Zwarte Sint coffee is the latest in our Limited Edition Radical Roast series. To celebrate its launch and to test our Black Sint idea, we introduced Black Sinterklaas to our Ethiopian friends. And you know what?  Children loved him and mothers fell in love with him! You can view the short video here: http://youtu.be/W-k9fO_vJ8M

Holland is at war with its Black Petes, the video says. They are racist. They are colonial. They are wrong. Their solution? Give the hundreds and even thousands of Black Petes bright colours. But wouldn’t it all be easier to simply make Sinterklaas black?

“With all the uproar around Black Petes, it was pretty much impossible for us not to create a Black Pete parody,” says Guido van Staveren van Dijk, our founder. “One of our Ethiopian partners actually asked us, ‘Wouldn’t it just be more efficient to just make Sinterklaas black?’ We all looked at each other and said, ‘Yes!’”

Radical parodies

As you know, Moyee is no stranger to parodies. Last year we launched a parody of Apple’s iconic ad campaign The Crazy Ones featuring whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. And when the Nuclear Security Summit rolled into The Hague last March, we created a 100% Nuclear Roast for the visiting delegates designed to keep them up all night so they can get things done. 100% Zwarte Sint is the latest and greatest in this limited-edition coffee collection.

“100% Black Sint is a parody, but the Black Pete debate is of course about something much more culturally important. The discussions about its presumed colonialist heritage has a connection to Moyee,” says Guido. “The fact is that coffee multinationals are still practicing a sort of coffee colonialism by exporting green beans and roasting them in Western countries. Because all the added value in coffee is comes with the roasting, these multinationals are purposely exporting all the profits away. Moyee FairChain coffee was explicitly created as an alternative to that.”

100% Black Sint Coffee

100% Zwarte Sint is an elegant single-estate coffee made with Moyee’s signature FairChain Limu bean from Ethiopia. You’re gonnan love it. Oh, and order 100% Zwarte Sint before 5 December and receive FREE 3 bars of Madécasse chocolate straight out Brooklyn — #FairChain coffee meets FairChain chocolate. A radically cool combo gift for the holidays!

Order 100% Zwarte Sint right here and right now!

Thank you very much. You’re awesome! #100%ZwarteSint


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